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05.12.2022 | Perspective

Consulting the Stars: Cookware Horoscopes

Based on your zodiac sign, what do you need to start 2023 with gusto? It all comes down to securing the right piece(s) from the the Stackware Collection.

Horoscopes and high performance cookware cookware

As we begin the new year, it’s the perfect time to check-in with yourself and how to align yourself for success moving into the new year (in the kitchen and beyond).


This calls for a practical approach to reach your goals – enter Stackware.



Aries loves to be #1, so naturally Aries loves the #1 piece in the Stackware Collection: the Frying Pan.


Aries’ competitive nature appreciates the Frying Pan’s ability to keep up, and as a true fire sign, appreciates cookware that performs best under the hot flame of stovetop fire. The Frying Pan is the perfect piece to start off an ambitious night in the kitchen for any Aries.


And like famous Aries Elton John asks, The Frying Pan won’t go breaking your heart.





For Libra, balance and harmony are key. The same goes for Small and Medium Saucepan.


Represented by the balancing scales, Libra reflects a fixation on establishing equilibrium. Libra is obsessed with symmetry and strives for balance in all areas. Similarly, sitting at the top of our Stack are two key elements of the Stackware Collection – the Small and Medium Saucepans. Two vessels that complement each other’s place in the kitchen harmoniously; nestling perfectly into each other for easy storing when they’re not working together on the stovetop. Did we mention they come together as perfectly as a bain-marie? Literal balance, bringing harmony through the perfect melt.

Cookware Horoscope Aries Elton John Stackware frying pan high performance multi-functional cookware
Marilyn Monroe ENSEMBL high performance cookware zodiac horoscope



Gemini, you represent the sacred duality in the universe, here to show us the way to maintain balance and unison. How do we achieve this in the kitchen? With Core2 of course. There is no one better to pick up the unique capabilities of Core2, then go to work maximizing the potential of each piece.


Oh, we can’t forget that Gemini is known to be flirty and social – the perfect companion for pieces that do some of their best work when used to cook for a group and go directly from stovetop to tabletop, ready and capable of serving that crowd.


Famous Gemini Marilyn Monroe says:


“A wise pan knows her limits, a smart pan* knows that she has none.”


*smart pans = Core2





Leo, you’re a fire sign and the centre of attention – which makes The Trivet your ideal dinner companion. Drama adoring, confident, and mesmerizing. Leo and The Trivet are twin flames.


The Trivet is designed to protect your table from too much heat (that’s you, Leo!) and look good while doing it. The Trivet is the perfect touch to elevate any dinner party, guaranteed to add some drama to the table – just like you, Leo.



Virgo, you are practical, systematic, and industrious. Just like the Stackware Steamer + Stockpot.


Deep down, Virgo’s are perfectionists – and they thrive off of the Stockpot’s laser etched measurement lines, reducing bone broth like the pro they know they are. Their practical side loves using the Steamer as an insert while making stock (lift out your bones and veg in one fell swoop) but also appreciates the nights they can use it to steam a full fish,  or a lot of dumplings. This pair really is the perfect arsenal needed for a methodical busy-body like Virgo.


As famous Virgo Beyoncé says:


I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly (atinous bone broth I made in my Stackware Steamer + Stockpot).





Aquarius, you’re innovative, progressive, and some might say revolutionary. So are Stackware’s Flat-Lying Lids.


Aquarius’s dedication to making the world a better place, mirrors the sentiment behind our Flat-Lying Lids – the collapsible knob allows its user to stack, store, and save space seamlessly (innovative!). Clear glass offers a cheeky view into the process of what’s simmering below (how progressive!). Beyond streamlined storage, the Flat-Lying Lid’s design considers additional utility, cleaning, and care, being the first ever lid designed to think about how we store in the fridge (revolutionary!). Like Aquarius, the Flat-Lying Lid is unique and a little eccentric, and not to toot our own horn, makes the world a better place (especially in the kitchen).

beyonce virgo ENSEMBL cookware horoscopes high-performance cookware
leonardo dicaprio stackware full6 ENSEMBL high-performance cookware zodiac horoscope



Scorpios are famously discreet and even secretive, with an air of mystery – Not at all unlike the Full6! No need to be on display all the time, Full6 prefers the Matryoshka doll style, fitting together to form a discrete set.  Full6 is at its best when each piece comes together, perfectly stacked into the footprint of a single pan, thanks to its Removable Handles and Flat-Lying Lids, which add to its houdini-style disappearing act. Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible even further, Full6 gets out of sight in even the smallest of spaces, a task inconceivable for traditional pots and pans.


Wherever Scorpio needs to go, Full6 is ready to shape-shift into its perfectly organized place.


Sound like another Scorpio you know? We’d say paparazzi-dodging Scorpio Leonardo DiCaprio has learned a thing or two from Full6.


Like Full6, DiCaprio makes efforts  dedicated to securing a sustainable future for our planet.




Free-spirited and optimistic – there’s no better way to describe Sagittarius. Similarly, there is no better way to describe Classic4. 

Sagittarius desires freedom to explore far and wide, and thankfully, with Classic4’s range, they are free to do just that. Travel your pallet to Italy and make the perfect sugo in the Small Saucepan. Let the Medium Saucepan take you to Thailand to craft an unforgettable Khao Soi. Then head straight for the Maine coast and prepare a lobster and corn boil up using the Stockpot and Steamer.


Who knows where Classic4 will take you tomorrow. But we know it will be delicious.



Capricorns are centred by ambition and determination. And The Towel is such a Capricorn. The Towel is determined to elevate an everyday experience – made for drying but designed to bring style to the kitchen. Not an easy task! But one that, like all true Capricorns, The Towel is ready for.

As fellow Capricorn David Bowie said, “I’m an instant star. Just add water and stir.”


*Instant Star = The Towel





Pisces is the most intuitive, sensitive, and empathetic sign of the entire zodiac, and non-coincidentally, the Removable Handle is that to the Stackware Collection.


Born from a long history of cookware-storage-Jenga-mayhem, the Removable Handle was created to bring order to the kitchen cabinet. Its intuitive design makes it easy to use. Its precision engineering makes it stable and secure. The Removable Handle unlocks Stackware’s multi-functional potential while simultaneously driving the Collection’s ability to optimize space – a character trait brought to life by the empathy felt for cookware owners everywhere.


Pisces is known for their constant chase towards fantasy and reality. Fortunately, the Removable Handle makes both possible with one simple trigger.

david bowie capricorn ENSEMBL high-performance cookware kitchen towel
Stephen Colbert Taurus ENSEMBL Stackware high-performance cookware horoscope



Taurus is known for their hard-headed nature and loyalty. If a job needs doing, Taurus is on it. Tenacious and reliable, Taurus is the Braiser Pan. Sturdy and multi-purpose, the Braiser Pan can conquer any meal without question. Large enough to feed an army, practical enough to do dinner plus leftovers for one, the Braiser Pan leverages thermal diffusivity to provide even heat, with its 3.5mm fully-clad construction and rivet free interior, achieving perfect results time after time.


When in doubt, there’s always the Braiser Pan to depend on (that’s you, Taurus).


Taurus King Stephen Colbert would certainly give a Tip of The Hat to the Braiser Pan.





Cancer, the compassionate, intuitive, water sign. You feel the pain of bigger problems going on in the world and are driven to make it a better place. It’s no wonder that Re:Clean – a responsible dishcloth – is the one for you.


The average dishcloth is resource intensive to produce and destined for the landfill at the end of its life. Re:Clean’s intuitive nature and compassion for the earth solves these issues by combining the functions of paper towels, sponges, and cloths into one beautiful cleaning tool, made of cellulose and waste cotton fibers too short for textiles. Re:Clean is reusable and naturally compostable. And, looks beautiful and sleek before, during, and after use.


Cancer and Re:Clean, you’re made for each other.

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