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Shop ENSEMBL Stainless Steel Fully Clad Stacking Cookware with removable handles. 8 L Steamer Basket, Colander, Pasta Pot Insert. Multifunctional, long-lasting, design-forward home wares. Best all purpose steamer, colander, pasta-pot insert. Steamer with removable handles. Colander with removable handles.

Stackware Steamer

High-performance cookware. Fully-clad stainless steel and aluminum. Featuring patented removable handles and flat-lying lids.

$162.00 USD


Steamer (8 L) 1 X Removable Handle * Fits with the Stockpot lid

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Key Elements

Engineered for modern living
  • Functional knob that stays upright while cooking and is pushed flat for storage.

    ENSEMBL Stackware Flat Lying Lid
  • Patent-pending, easy-to-use. Purpose built to transform Stackware.

    ENSEMBL Stackware Removable Handle
  • Fully-clad, 3.5 mm stainless-steel and aluminum. Precision made with quality materials that provide optimal heat dispersion and lasting durability.

    Hand squeezing lemon over stackware stockpot
  • High-performance product designed to leave a low-impact on the planet.

    ENSEMBL Stockpot flat lid

Product Details

  • Design-driven

    Harness the intrinsic value of beauty to create functional objects of desire. Stackware is made to be seen.

  • Multi-functional

    For seamless transitions between cooking, serving, and storing. Stackware brings multi-purpose functionality home.

  • Space-saving

    Vessels nest and stack seamlessly. Stackware enables efficient organization and saves space.

Stackware braise pan on brick with produce Stackware flat-lying lid. with produce Stackware Full 6 in storage on shelf with ceramics vases
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  • Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty

    Means rejecting disposable culture. Stackware is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Uncomplicated Care Uncomplicated Care

    Means culinary freedom. No matter the dish, care and cleaning are easy with Stackware.


Four ways to use Stackware

From stovetop to oven, to the table to serve, to the fridge with leftovers, Stackware is engineered for the way you live. The first product that can be used to cook, serve, and store, all while keeping you organized and taking up 70% less space than traditional designs.

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LEARN MORE about ENSEMBL Stainless Steel Fully Clad Stacking Cookware Set with removable handles. Everything you need to know about the multifunctional capabilities and different ways to maximize using you cookware set. Frying Pan, Braiser Pan, Small Saucepan, Medium Saucepan, Stockpot, Steamer/Colander. Multifunctional, long-lasting, design-forward home wares. Oven-safe cookware set. Induction-safe cookware set.
Stackware Separates Steamer $162.00 USD

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