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05.07.2021 | Use

Get to know: Stackware's removable handle

ENSEMBL’s patented removable handle unlocks Stackware’s multifunctional potential while driving the Collection’s ability to optimize space. Beyond functionality and space, the handle’s material properties lend it unparalleled strength, security, and ease of use.

ENSEMBL Stackware Removable Handle

Stackware’s removable handle is engineered for both security and ease of use – its patented locking mechanism is simple to engage while capable of supporting 1.5 times the vessel’s volumetric weight.


Precision engineered for high flexural strength and torque resistance, it is designed to withstand repetitive lifting, pouring and trigger use.

ENSEMBL Stainless steel cookware in refrigerator
Removable handles transform Stackware. from cookware to serving ware to storage tools.

With the handles removed, Stackware transforms.


Save space on the stovetop and in the oven or bring each vessel to the table to serve. As an additional benefit, with the handles removed and flat-lying lids placed on, it is easy to optimize space in the refrigerator for storage of leftovers – eliminating the need for an additional container while simplifying the reheating process.

Removable handles transform Stackware. from cookware to serving ware to storage tools.



The handle features a trigger + slider mechanism that engages and locks into the fixed side-handle of the vessel. To engage, pull the trigger back and insert the head of the removable handle into the opening of the fixed-side handle. Release trigger to lock. To release, pull the trigger back and lift the removable handle to release the lock mechanism.


When attached, Stackware’s removable handle supports 1.5. times the vessel’s volumetric weight.


The flame-retardant materials used to create the body of the handle  do not retain or transmit heat the way traditional metallic products do – meaning the handle can remain cooler while in use. However, we do recommend removing the handle while cooking on the stovetop to ensure there is always a cool, ready-to-use handle available throughout the cooking process. The removable handle is not made for use in the oven.

ENSEMBL Stackware removable handle



Like all Stackware products, it’s easy to care for your removable handle. With regular use, washing in warm soapy water and towel drying will keep the removable handle in excellent condition.


Learn more about caring for your removable handle in our FAQ.

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