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12.01.2022 | Care / Clean

Cleaning Tutorials: The Flat-Lying Lid

Learn how to clean and care for The Flat-Lying Lid with this simple tutorial.

How to clean Stackware's Lid ENSEMBL cleaning tutorial

Glass lids provide transparency during the cooking process. However, their transparency also means that any residue left behind after a meal is visible. Stackware’s lids, being glass, were engineered for easy assembly/disassembly.

This makes it possible to get in and clean between the steel knob and glass.


To clean the lid:

  • Using a cross head (Phillips) screwdriver you can take the screw out and the knob will detach from the glass. There is a screw and steel washer on the bottom, and the knob is a single piece – so you don’t need to worry about a million parts separating when the screw comes out.
  • Once detached, you can clean using a solution of baking soda and water (1 tbsp baking soda with ~1 c water) or BarKeeper’s Friend.
  • Once cleaned, you can dry the glass and steel knob and reattach the washer and screw with the knob. Use the same screwdriver to secure everything in place.
Clear glass cookware lid with ENSEMBL logo

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