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06.02.2023 | Perspective

The Other 23 Hours

How does our cookware get used we are not cooking with it? Learn how Stackware is designed for more than just meal prep.

ENSEMBL multifunctional high-performance cookware

Using ENSEMBL’s design journey as an example, our frustration started with legacy cookware designs; those focused only on how a product functioned while it was cooking, but disregarded how a product would be used / stored for the remaining 23+ hours of the day.


Building a beautiful storage-state into Stackware’s blueprint is part of its DNA. Similarly, creating a design cookware concept that can handle storing leftovers in the fridge and serving a meal at the table. This level of functionality is crucial and part of what makes Stackware shine.

Seamless Storage


Thanks to The Removable Handle and The Flat-Lying Lid, Stackware seamlessly comes apart and stacks into the footprint of one vessel, taking up 70% less space than traditional cookware designs.

ENSEMBL Stackware High-performance multifunctional cookware
ENSEMBL Stackware high-performance multifunctional cookware

Serve at the Table


Follow from stovetop to tabletop to serve with Stackware at the dinner table.


+ Spice it up and protect your table with The Trivet!

Store in the Fridge


Stackware’s Flat-Lying Lids make storing leftovers in the fridge seamless.


Once dinner’s been served, skip the dishes and let Stackware transition to the fridge for leftovers and back to the stovetop or oven when it’s time to reheat. No extra containers necessary.


ENSEMBL Stackware high-performance multifunctional cookware

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