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25.10.2021 | Use

Cookware for the Modern Home

Capturing Stackware's multifunctionality in action - elevating the kitchen from start to storage.

Smartphone displaying Life is Full - cookware for the modern home

We redesigned cookware to pay homage to the modern home.

ENSEMBL logo over stainless steel cookware

Full of fluid spaces and ever-changing demands, our homes do more for us than ever before. Modern lives require products that serve us beyond a single purpose.


Cookware for the Modern Home showcases Stackware at its best – on the stove, in the oven, as serving ware, and in storage. Each seamless transition between uses pursues the same goal:serve users through every step of the process.


Whether you’ve been with us for a while or are just joining in, we’re excited to share what we’ve created with you.




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