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06.01.2023 | Perspective

Break the Mould with Multifunctional Spaces

Everyone has 24 hours. How do you use them? Read about five business concepts that transition from day to night to create electric spaces and boundless opportunity. 

ENSEMBL multi-functional cookware - multi-functional spaces



Everyone has 24 hours. How do you use them?


When it comes to a business that operates in a physical space, not everyone appreciates those 24 hours the same way.


Traditionally, physical spaces were conceived to house a single idea. A bar for drinks in the evening. A shop selling clothing during the day.


In operating this way, those spaces are likely left under-utilized during their off-hours. But do they need to be?


We love multi-functionality and thinking of new ways to optimize space. With these ideas in mind, we raise our glass and salute five multifunctional businesses that break the traditional mould by bringing multiple ideas together to create electric spaces and boundless opportunity.

multi-functional design - Pophans in London
Pophams Bakery, London



London — a bakery comme pasta haunt. When you already have a team that understands flour, utilizing a space that would otherwise be quiet in the evenings to make something else centred around dough feels logical. Pophams does it all.






Montréal — breaking the rules and embracing all-day dining.

Larrys is a small and bustling all-day-all-evening-cafe-restaurant-wine bar-breakfast-joint in the heart of Montrèal. Proving that pikelets belong next to mackerel spaghetti  and that one menu can seamlessly take you from morning to late night.

Pophams Bakery, London



London – butcher by day, cocktails by night. In Northeast London, Stella’s, a popular butcher doubles as an avant-garde listening bar called System, serving cocktails and a roster of the capital’s hottest new DJ’s. On Thursday and Friday evenings, enjoy live music accompanied by natural wines, beers, and a selection of southern European-style bites.




Flint Saloon + Poached Breakfast Bistro


Saskatoon — Eggs Benni into night caps. In the morning, enjoy Saskatoon’s best Eggs Benedict at Poached Breakfast Bistro and come back for incredible cocktails and signature mason jars in the evening at Flint Saloon.



Stella's & System, London
Stella's butchery London - ENSEMBL multi-functional cookware
Stella's & System, London
slowear18 Milan concept store, ENSEMBL
Slowear18 Concept Store in Milan



Milan — A metamorphosis of the traditional retail space. The new concept store for Slowear 18 in Milan is breaking all of the traditions of retail spaces. The space’s walls are illuminated at all times, with its interiors transforming at different timed intervals, allowing the showroom to not only include the newest collections but also a mixology bar and cafe.

Slowear18 Concept Store in Milan

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