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Stirring Slowly ENSEMBL Graphic
16.12.2021 | Perspective

The Joys of Stirring Slowly

When the world is fast, cook slow.

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ENSEMBL stories: 100 Years of Iconic Design
20.03.2023 | Perspective

100 Years of Iconic Designs

Icons bring together innovation, functionality, timelessness and captivating design. Celebrate 10 of the most iconic products created over the last century of design.

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Facing the Giants: Podcast interview with ENSEMBL Founder Kate Swanson
01.12.2022 | News

Facing The Giants: A Podcast Interview with our Founder Kate Swanson

Our founder and CEO, Kate Swanson, sat down with Scott Kerr from Facing the Giants podcast to discuss her journey from attorney to entrepreneur and how our radically redesigned cookware competes with the high-end rivals.

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