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Smartphone displaying Life is Full - cookware for the modern home
20.07.2021 | Perspective

Life is Full: Our first short film

ENSEMBL's first film, Life is Full, captures the moments that make modern life full - the moods and motion, beauty and chaos.

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Anti War Protest in Ukraine
15.03.2022 | Perspective

Ten Ukrainian Creatives We Admire

In the midst of conflict, it's easy to forget what's really at stake: people. Presenting a showcase of the unique and resilient culture of Ukraine through the work of ten creatives we admire.

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ENSEMBL Positive Luxury Accelerator Program
05.04.2022 | News

We're Joining Positive Luxury's Accelerator Program

Sustainability is built into ENSEMBL’s DNA, but we’re always pushing ourselves to be better. In 2022, ENSEMBL is joining Positive Luxury’s Accelerator Program to measure and improve our sustainability practices.

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